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Teeth Whitening

This treatment is currently unavailable, till further notice.
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Our mission is to provide the most teeth whitening service at an affordable cost,
while focusing on quality, safety & Convinience

Teeth Whitening Treatment   £99


Our System

Our Beaming White Non – Peroxide teeth whitening treatment uses a cheek retractor, non-peroxide gel applied directly on to teeth. The light is then placed directly in front of the teeth. This way there is nothing (such as a tray) interfering between the light and the gel on your teeth. This is a two-way system that first cleanses the surface of your teeth using the Accelerating Spray or Pre – Treatment liquid, which dissolves the surface stains. Non- peroxide gel is applied to teeth and left for about 15 minutes. This process is repeated 3 times consecutively for optimal results. This teeth whitening procedure is more comfortable because the cheek retractor keeps your mouth open without any effort, achieving excellent results.

Our gels are:
• Made in the USA
• Backed by a $4,000,000 product liability insurance policy
• CE certified and FDA compliant

MSDS sheets are available for all our gels.

Advantages of our Advanced Kit

Beaming White has developed the most effective non-peroxide teeth whitening solution for sensitive teeth.

  • Peroxide Free
  • Pain free
  • Excellent results
  • No irritation

To purchase Professional Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment
or to buy Home teeth whitening  products, please click on our SECURED, VERIFIED, SSL Online Store page.

Teeth that have been stained by antibiotic tetracycline or fluorosis can not be whitened.

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